toxic plants for dogs
Toxic plants for dogs are another important area of knowledge to have for any dog owner. I know we’ve talked about toxic foods for dogs, but knowing how to protect our dogs extends beyond what we intentionally give them. Dogs are inquisitive, and they get into everything while we’re out and about with them. Of course, dogs have no idea what is or... Read More
extra large dog toys
Finding dog toys for a really big dog can be so tough! It used to take me ages to find toys that Humphrey wouldn’t immediately demolish within a half an hour of me giving it to him. Looking for resilient, extra large dog toys can be such a task. I don’t know if Humphrey is just spoiled or picky (honestly, it’s probably a... Read More
presa canario
Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could bring our dogs with us everywhere? I’m always so envious when I’m on flights with people who have small dogs in their carry-on at their feet. What I would give to bring Humphrey’s big butt with me on a flight! Since he’s a Presa Canario, traveling with a dog his size is almost impossible. The idea... Read More

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