Extra Large Dog Toys Humphrey Loves!

extra large dog toys

Finding dog toys for a really big dog can be so tough! It used to take me ages to find toys that Humphrey wouldn’t immediately demolish within a half an hour of me giving it to him. Looking for resilient, extra large dog toys can be such a task.

I don’t know if Humphrey is just spoiled or picky (honestly, it’s probably a mix of both), but he cannot stand those super expensive and boogie deer antlers and hooves. Trust me, my wallet and I had to learn the hard way that he wasn’t a fan.

After some serious digging, I finally found some extra large dog toys that he genuinely enjoys playing with! Here are a few of his favorites:

1. Oversized Tennis Balls

Few toys make Humphrey light up the way an oversized tennis ball does. He’s legit one of the most athletic dogs I’ve ever owned and I’m always so impressed by how quick he is to catch it!

2. Extreme Kong

I bought Humphrey a Kong two years ago and he STILL has it and plays with it. I fill it with peanut butter and throw it in the freezer- it’s such a good summer treat!

3. Large Rawhide Bones

While he only get these occasionally since they’re not great for him, Humphrey loves an oversized rawhide bone.

4. Chuckit Frisbees

If you haven’t noticed the trend yet, Humphrey is a dog who’s obsessed with playing catch. He’s obsessed with Chuckit Frisbees. What I love about them is that since they’re soft, I don’t mind tossing them to him in the living room (lightly of course).

If you’re on the hunt for durable, fun extra large dog toys, you should definitely give these a try! Are there other toys your large dog loves? Leave them below in the comments. I’m always on the hunt for new great toys for Humphrey!

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