small apartment hacks

10 Small Apartment Hacks You’ll Love

As much as we love our large dogs, living with them in small apartments is rarely an easy task. Humphrey is pretty convinced the whole apartment is his for the taking- it’s his world, I just live in it.

If you feel my pain on this and want to make your space a little more yours and a little less your dog’s mansion, than these small apartment hacks are for you!

1. Say Goodbye To Your Sectional & Say Hello To a Much Smaller Couch.

A small apartment is no place for a sectional! As nice as it is to be able to lay out, sectionals and large couches take up entirely too much space in small apartments.

When your couch is too big for your living room space, it becomes the awkward focal point of the room instead of being an accent to compliment the room in its entirety.

Instead opt for a smaller couch. Add throw pillows and blankets to make it extra cozy!

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