summer diy dog treat recipes
Photo by BitzNGiggles

Summer DIY Dog Treat Recipes

If you’ve got a big dog like I do (Humphrey is 113lbs.!), chances are, summers are tough on them. Large dogs get overheated so quickly! No matter how much Humphrey loves going outside, I generally try and keep his long walks during the summer either super early in the am or late at night- even then, he still gets super hot. 

My vet told me that when I bring him in during the summer, placing ice under his arms and onto his paws is a big help. 

Another thing that helps is giving him delicious, cold treats! Thankfully, there are a few great summer DIY dog treat recipes online that make creating and preparing cold dog treats for your large dog incredibly easy! 

If you’re on the hunt for keeping your fur bestie cool this summer, check out the summer DIY dog treat recipes from some of my favorite bloggers below!

1. Frozen Strawberry + Coconut Love Heart Treats from Barkley Doodles

Summer DIY dog treat recipes

So first and foremost, let me say that Barkley Doodles and his mom Laurie Duncan have a special place in my heart. She’s one of my best friends and Barkley is the absolute CUTEST! She’s a full-time artist, yet still manages to use her creativity to create his recipes, blog and Instagram feed- that’s so inspiring to me! Your dog is going to love these delicious frozen treats

2. Berry Pup Pops by BitzNGiggles

Summer DIY dog treat recipes

Honestly, don’t these look good enough for us to eat? Humphrey is OBSESSED! Your dog will be too, trust me!

3. Banana and Pumpkin Frozen Treats from Barkley Doodles

Yet another gem from my favorite Golden Doodle! These are super easy to make and so tasty your dog will beg for more! This is hands down one of my favorite summer DIY dog treat recipes.

4. Green Smoothie Bites by Vegannie

Tasty and healthy? That’s a match made in heaven! These Green Smoothie bites from VegAnnie will leave your refreshed and invigorated.

I hope your dog loves these refreshing, cool treats as much as Humphrey does! If you’ve got any recommendations on other recipes that should be added to the list, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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